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Designed as a leading off-road road conditions and ultra-endurance tires. The unwavering traction of the shoulder knobs, and the super handling when going downhill. This is the preferred tyre for our entire endurance team of endurance racers due to its unmatched traction on off-camber trails.

The interspersed central pattern blocks can bite into the dirt in any wet or dry terrain while providing stability at any speed. The block are arranged in a way to ensure effective mud clearance. It can also be used as a rear tire on loose, steep terrain for its strong braking traction. It can also be used as a front tire for its cornering capability.

Pattern: IB-3022N

Spec. Inch mm Casing Weight Psi Bar Bead PartNo.
Race+TLR 29X2.35 60-622 60tpi 860g 35-65psi 2.4-4.5 Folding JA2923501
EBike50+TLR 29X2.35 60-622 60tpi 1300g 35-65psi 2.4-4.5 Folding E50JA29235