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Designed for All Mountain and Enduro riding.On the uphill, the large center block provides improved climbing traction, and quick acceleration. The links between the center block makes the pattern block more stable under load and reduce squirming.  The directional design on the tread allows for significant reductions in tire rolling resistance. The combination of aggressive arrangement of the blocks, open design    and a simple V-slot located in the center  and side blocks translate to direct and precise steering. It allow for a high efficient transfer of power to the ground while maintaining extreme durability.

Pattern: IB-3021N

Spec. Inch mm Casing Weight Psi Bar Bead PartNo.
Race+TLR 29X2.35 60-622 60tpi 860g 35-65psi 2.4-4.5 Folding LW2923501
EBike50+TLR 29X2.35 60-622 60tpi 1300g 35-65psi 2.4-4.5 Folding E50LW29235