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The smooth tread center can roll very quickly on paved road. The diamond-shaped intermediate transition tread make sure this tire won’t be stopped by any rough roads and long detours. It allow for strong confidence in any road condition, providing a smooth riding experience, and maintaining good handling on unpredictable terrain with the square pattern of the tread shoulder. Suitable for riders who want to relax themselves without a destination, just for the pleasure of riding.

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E25 : With Reflective Stripe / Sport Guard-3.5mm

E50 : With Reflective Stripe / Sport Guard-3.5mm+ Side Guard

Pattern: IB-3018

Spec. Inch mm Casing Weight Psi Bar Bead PartNo.
Race 700x38C 38-622 60tpi 450g 50-75psi 3.5-5.0 Folding EC7003801
EBike50 700x38C 38-622 60tpi 730g 50-75psi 3.5-5.0 Folding E50E70038
EBike25 700x38C 38-622 33tpi 780g 50-75psi 3.5-5.0 RIGID E25E70038